Anyone who knows Gabi Angelini knows how much she loves coffee and “being able to empower people one cup at a time is Gabi’s favorite thing to do!”. That coffee, which is a central part of Gabi’s mission, is also contributing to other organizations for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, like Brittany’s Baskets of Hope.

Brittany Schiavone is a remarkable young woman who attends college, has a job, lives a fulfilling life and also happens to have Down Syndrome. Not stopped by anything, Brittany is an advocate for herself and her community, proving that people with Down Sndrome “can do anything, really really anything”.

Brittany’s Baskets of Hope is a non-profit organization that provides welcome packages to parents of newly born babies with Down Syndrome. The baskets offer parents hope, resources, support, guidance, and connection as they begin their new journey. Being a non-profit organization, Brittany’s Baskets uses 100% of the funds to prepare and ship packages to new families. These provide items such as books, blankets, onesies, resources, etc. Brittany wanted to help these families celebrate their new bundles of joy and help them learn that the sky’s the limit for a person with Down Syndrome.

In just 4 short years, Brittany’s Baskets of Hope has been able to deliver over 950 baskets to families all over the United States. She has been asked to speak at conferences and schools and has been recognized on the television as well. Happy to share her cause to help celebrate Down Syndrome, Brittany encourages families that they are not alone.

Brittany’s Basket of Hope has touched many families and given them the hope they needed to succeed. The organization’s efforts have been rewarded with positive feedback from parents.

“We just received our basket of hope! Oh my goodness:). I’m overwhelmed by the beautiful gifts and thoughtful gestures of hope and inspiration.”
Gabi’s Grounds has generously donated samples of coffee to this organization for the families receiving welcome baskets. One of the many items available for purchase at Gabi’s Grounds, these much loved samples are frequently used for wedding favors, welcome baskets, and other special packages. Together, these ladies are working towards a common goal and showing the world that they can make a difference.

Is a morning coffee part of your regular routine? Gabi’s Grounds also offers a Monthly Brewing coffee subscription where freshly ground coffee beans will be delivered straight to your doorstep. You will receive your favorite coffee without even leaving your house !! By participating, you will be making a consistent contribution and positive impact on the lives of those living with disabilities, empowering them one cup at a time!

This is a guest post written by Donna Dube from Productivity Plus VA