Follow your heart, follow your dreams, and always follow your passions”, Gabi shared this advice on the GoFundMe podcast Good Stories of Good People, a podcast dedicated to sharing stories of individuals who go out of their way to influence others through kindness. On this episode, Gabi had the opportunity to share her experiences on life, job hunting, and being a young entrepreneur. Throughout the episode, we get more insight into who Gabi is and get a sense of her essence. We are able to see her resiliency as she shares her persistence after being turned down by many employers. Gabi shared the frustration and sadness she felt after being turned down before even being given a chance! Facing this discrimination did not stop Gabi and she was determined to show the world that individuals with special needs are just as capable of doing a job. It was Gabi’s dream to have her own business but she also wanted to be able to share her positive experiences and opportunities with her friends. She LOVES coffee and she knew that starting a coffee shop would enable her to have a space where she could be involved in the labor market as well as a space she could hang out with her friends and form great memories! Gabi wants everyone to remember to always follow their dreams and passions. Gabi’s Grounds is founded on promoting the inclusion and acceptance of individuals with special needs. Being able to empower people one cup at a time is Gabi’s favorite thing to do!

If you would like to help Gabi continue pursuing her dream of inspiring others, you can do so on your GoFundMe page. You can also pick up some of your coffee and brewing essentials on our website! Visit our website for more information!