In this week’s episode of The Gabi Show, Gabi interviewed John Cronin, 2019 EY Entrepreneur of the Year and co-founder of John’s Crazy Socks. People with special needs too often aren’t deemed capable or given the opportunity for many job positions. Like Gabi, John began his business with hopes of creating more job opportunities and spreading awareness for those with special needs.

As a twenty four year old young man with down’s syndrome, John doesn’t let anything hold him back from reaching his dreams. During his last year of school in 2016, John began looking at what he would do for his future. He decided he wanted to start a business with his father that was creative and fun, and with John’s love of crazy socks, the idea for John’s Crazy Socks was born. John got into contact with manufacturers and suppliers, and communicated his design idea, and worked to create a website.

The first sock John created was a “Down Syndrome are winners” sock for Down Syndrome Awareness Day. John told Gabi that his favorite sock is his Down Syndrome superhero sock, modeled after John himself. John’s Crazy Socks have been worn by the infamous President George H. W. Bush and actor/comedian Kevin James. He and his dad started a funny rumor that Bob Dylan wore his socks when he received his Nobel prize. According to John, the mission of John’s Crazy Socks is to spread happiness and positivity to others with his fun socks.

When asked what advice he would give to other aspiring entrepreneurs about starting a business, John replied, “Work hard. Follow your dreams. Follow your heart. Show what you can do.” Gabi, also an entrepreneur, and co-owner of Gabi’s Grounds, agrees.

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