October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month.

Did you know that the month of October is a special time of celebration for Gabi and others living with Down syndrome? This month has been designated by the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) as Down Syndrome Awareness Month. The goal is to spread awareness that people with Down syndrome are more than their extra chromosome. According to the Goodwill Ambassador at NDSS, Chris Burke, “It’s not about celebrating disabilities. It’s about celebrating abilities.” We should be focusing on what we can do instead of how we are different.

In fact, men, women, and children with Down syndrome are not as different as we may think. They have wants, dreams, likes, and dislikes and want to be seen as people, not as a condition. Some of the things that you and I are capable of, like holding a job, driving a car, and attending school are attainable for these people as well. Take some time to learn their real story; the fact is that they are differently abled, not disabled. National Down Syndrome Awareness Month is a time to appreciate what can be accomplished. By spreading awareness, we can foster inclusion and understanding, providing more opportunities for people living with Down syndrome.

One way that Gabi and others spread awareness is by participating in a Buddy Walk on September 12th. This is a fun day where young and old come together to participate in a 1 mile walk. Friends and family of someone with Down syndrome join together to educate, advocate and celebrate the many abilities of people with Down syndrome. The walk started in 1995 with 17 events held across the United States. Now, 25 years later, there are over 250 walks across the country and in several international locations as well. Local events are organized by parent support groups, schools and other organizations. The success of these walks enables the NDSS to provide services, programs, and advocacy to benefit all with Down syndrome.

Gabi Angelini of Gabi’s Grounds is also on a mission to advocate for people living with disabilities in her own way. Dedicated to making the world a better place, Gabi’s coffee shop will employ others just like her. However, this is more than a coffee shop for Gabi, she wants her shop to be a fun and inclusive place for the community to come together. Your support of Gabi’s Grounds can provide more opportunities for people living with Down syndrome, allowing them to celebrate their abilities, not their disability! Click here to see the wide variety of coffee and beautiful gift options available to send to a dear friend or for yourself. By purchasing products through Gabi’s Grounds or donating to her Go-Fund-Me account, you will be empowering the special abilities community, right alongside Gabi!

Written by Donna Dube at Productivity Plus