NCDE Civitan Club Fundraising with Gabi’s Grounds

North Carolina District East Civitan, NCDE clubs will partner with Gabi’s Grounds to support their mission and vision which closely mirrors the vision and mission of the Civitan organization.

This collaboration in our district community, which will also allow our clubs to raise funds for the Civitan International Research Center, and supported district projects, Boys and Girls Homes of NC, Duke Child Development Center and Special Olympics of NC.

This will be accomplished by our club members and their friends, neighbors, community acquaintances ordering from the special order page through which products from Gabi’s online store can be purchased and a percentage of the proceeds will come to the district for those specific fundraising objectives.

This is different from other fundraising hands on projects but in this time of COVID still supports a community need. This project serves to directly impact individuals with IDD in supporting their growth in becoming a working and contributing member of the community as well as teach community members how to employ them.

One special distinction about Gabi’s Grounds is not only do they employ people with IDD, most of their products come from North Carolina businesses that also employ people with IDD.

Each Purchase Comes With a Thank You Note From Gabi.

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