The Challenge / The Opportunity

  • The Population With Disabilities (PWD) in the U.S. is largely underserved. About 82 % are unemployed.

A Solution to Create Value

  • Open a new coffee shop with an innovative community focus to employ PWD and provide community-based services- locally.
  • Grow from within and existing community base, friends, and relatives that have an “affinity” to support the PWD market segment.

Bitty & Beau's Coffee Shop AwardIt’s Already Happening!1

  • In January 2016, Bitty and Beaus’ (B &B), a Wilmington-based coffee shop, was established to serve a PWD. They started operations in a 500 sf facility. In less than a year they expanded to a 5,000 sf facility. The founders stated on their website on May 24, 2016: “on track to generate $500,000 in sales this year.” They employ over 40 individuals.
  • Earlier this year, B &B announced expansion plans to open a second store in Charleston, SC.
  • B & B operates under a non-profit business model

Gabi’s Grounds Can Also Deliver!

  • Mary Angelini, the founder, is committed to serving this “niche market”.
  • Mary has a 10-year experience in serving a faith-based organization: Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic (OLL) Church, as well as the OLL school. A potential customer base of 2,000 families.
  • Additionally, Mary has been involved with local PWD communities in Raleigh for many years.
  • Moreover, her daughter, Gabrielle (Gabi) Angelini, is challenged by IDD and is eager to participate and support this initiative.
  • Both are particularly interested in focusing on this opportunity to engage the PWD community and the OLL communities to position a coffee shop to “grow from within.”

The Business Model

  • Position first coffee shop in a 1,000 sf facility with minimal staff.
  • Staff the store with a combination of full-time employees and a volunteer/ internship model.
  • A localized strategy “to grow within the community.” A “niche” market.
  • Engage existing community relationships in promotional activities and community-based events. Secure support from local suppliers and small business.
  • Replicate model with an additional store in NC. Then, plan and launch a franchise strategy.

What Are Our Sales Projections?

1st Year Comparative Sales vs Key Competitor: Bitty and Beau’s1
2016: $500,000. (Website statement, May, 24 2016)
2018: $120,720. (Gabi’s Grounds Projections, 1st FY)

What We Need

Mary and Gabi
$200,000 in seed capital for the first year of operations

Would you like to discuss this opportunity?

Gabi’s Grounds
Mary Angelini, Founder
919-274-1449 (m)

Source Notes: 1